Authorized Vertical / Vodavi Dealer in South Carolina

We are Authorized Vertical / Vodavi dealers and sell / service the XTS-IP, Starplus STSe , SBX IP 320, and MBX IP lines of telephone equipment. XTS-IP and STS equipment have been discontinued, however we have access to a generous aftermarket for these products. The MBX-IP and SBX-IP are the latest products on the market for all your telephony needs.



 Vertical SBX IP 320

The SBX IP 320 Business Communications System is designed to give small businesses all the sophisticated communications features of big-company PBX systems in an affordable, easy to use and scalable package. The SBX IP 320 system supports digital, analog and/or IP endpoints, a reception console, a doorbox, and a comprehensive feature set of nearly 150 functions previously available only on high-end PBXs, including support for VoIP (SIP) and analog trunking, conferencing, voicemail, auto-attendant options, and remote configuration.

The base SBX IP 320 system (4000-00) supports 3 analog CO line ports, 8 station ports, and easily upgrades to 12 CO line ports and 48 station ports. The station ports can be configured to support either digital or analog telephones providing installation flexibility.


Vertical Summit

The versatile Vertical Summit™ platform includes advanced VoIP technology that supports low cost SIP trunking, on/off-premise mobility, remote connectivity and multi-site networking to give your small business cost-effective options that add up to real-time communications and bottom-line benefits. Its optimized IP/TDM hybrid architecture gives you the ability to easily migrate from analog to IP with a comprehensive feature set, advanced mobile device integration and optional UC capabilities suitable for both single-site and multi-location businesses. 


Vodavi XTS-IP Digital Telephone System

The XTS-IP telephone system takes Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and tradtional digital telephony and combines them. This allows for a total communications platform that is loaded with possibilities.  The XTS-IP is great for any medium to large sized business with capabilities of accomidating up to 216 incoming lines ( 384 ext.'s ) or 108 incoming lines ( 400  digital ext.'s. + 92 analog ext.'s ).



Vodavi STSe Telephone System 3501-00

The Vodavi STSe Telephone System supports up to 48 station devices and a maximum configuration of 24 lines . This is a perfect system for a small or medium sized business. It is also loaded with features such as:

  • Caller Id
  • Multiline Conference
  • Station and System Speed Dial
  • Off-Premisis Call Transfer
  • All Call Paging
  • Call Forwarding (Internal and External)
  • Redial
  • Day/Night/Special Ring
  • Music On Hold Inputs
  • And Much More 



The Vodavi In-Skin Flash and Hard Drive units are a great optin for any sized business. The following are some of the characteristics of each.